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Caulking is not enough to keep out rodents

While it's understandable to want to proof your attic to avoid rodents entering, caulk isn't the right choice. Rodents have very strong teeth, and if they're determined enough, they can chew right through to get inside. Stronger materials that aren't able to be gnawed through must be used, but all the potential entrances must also be covered. If their head can fit, the rest of them can as well. Professional installation is the best way to go to ensure it's done properly.

Check your crawlspace for signs of standing water, etc.

Thanks to pipes usually running through your home's crawlspace, it makes it easy for there to be a leak without you being aware of it. Not only is it a waste of water, but it also causes a lot of harm to the area, especially the longer it's left. It'll start causing rot in the wood, and mold will be able to spread and cause further trouble, including health issues. A quick look now and then can help keep things safer.

Take precaution when dealing with insulation

No matter what the project, if there's even a slight chance you may be touching or even getting close to insulation, be safe! Wear a face mask, protective eye covering, gloves, and ensure your clothing covers your arms and legs. Fiberglass can severely agitate the skin thanks to the slivers of glass and cause far worse issues if inhaled. However, even cellulose can be dangerous because of all the dust, and because it's treated with flame resistant chemicals, so be careful no matter what.


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