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Attic Insulation Removal

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Why Might It Need to be Removed?

While your attic's insulation may be easily ignored thanks to being out of sight, it could be sustaining all kind of damage while you do! Moisture of any kind getting into the attic, such as a water leak from the roof, will absorb into it and create the perfect place for mold to grow and spread. It will harm more than just the insulation, including wood and your belongings, and on top of that will release harmful spores that are dangerous if breathed in. Rodents may have also invaded the area and torn the insulation apart to use for nesting, making holes and space for air to escape. They also leave behind diseased waste that can also be a risk. Age itself is a problem, as it weakens over the years and can slouch out of place to create cold spots.

Why Should You Care?

As tempting as it may be to just leave it be, aside from the potential health troubles that were mentioned previously, it also means bad news for your wallet. If your insulation is no longer functioning correctly, that means air is escaping outside rather than circulating inside to keep the temperature stable. Your air conditioning and heating will have to run longer to make up for this, which causes that nasty rise of your energy bill. If you notice this, as well as fluctuating temperatures, it's likely time to get your insulation removed.

We Can Do It Safely!

It's extremely important that damaged insulation is carefully removed, both for the sake of those getting rid of it and anyone in the home itself. Protective gear must be worn by anyone handling it, and it needs to be carefully bagged up and disposed of to avoid pollution of the air from particles or otherwise. Our experts use only the highest quality equipment to get the job done right and ensure it will last as well!

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