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Three Ways To Improve Air Quality


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Three Ways To Improve Air Quality

Ways To Improve Air Quality | Attic Cleaning Walnut Creek, CA
  1. Get Your Attic Cleaned Frequently

    Just because all of that dust and debris is accumulating in your attic out of sight doesn't mean it's not affecting your household! Unfortunately, the dust and otherwise that build up in your attic over time can easily get into the ducts of your home thanks to air vents that are used for circulation. From there, it pollutes the air that's dispersed all over your home, which can contribute heavily to having allergy issues indoors. It may have a far more negative effect on anyone with breathing troubles like asthma or those who are older. Making sure your attic is professionally cleared out occasionally will drastically reduce these issues!
  2. Clean Your Crawl Space Periodically

    While your crawl space seems like an odd place to be worried about getting dusty, it's just as important! Not only can the dust there still affect your home, but it also encourages pests to enter the area. Insect waste acts as an allergen and can irritate anyone susceptible to such things, and rodents leave behind diseased waste that can also be an issue. Mold may also grow in crawl spaces that aren't tended to, and the spores will get into your home and drastically lower the air quality. If this goes on long enough, those inside can suffer from poisoning, so it's best all-around to make sure it's properly cleared out here and there!
  3. Check For Mold

    Speaking of mold, having your home checked by a professional in general for mold is a good idea. If it's already present in the home, a mold removal expert will get rid of it safely and make sure spores aren't getting in your home's air. It's important to allow experts to remove it, as they will make sure it's completely gone or else there will be further risk of contamination. If it's not around yet, you can make sure it won't start by taking preventative measures. Professionals can apply a special treatment that will keep mold from forming at all and make your house and air safer for you and anyone else inside.

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